“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” Scene 3

An ongoing daily series of scenes for a Steve Jobs biopic.

It’s a narrative experiment. It’s not going to follow a neat dramatic arc. It’s going to be a little episodic and random. Much like the subject matter.

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It’s a fine summer day. APPLE STAFF are scurrying in and out of the main building at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino. Three flags ripple from thin silver flagpoles out front. America. California. Apple.

The entire building is wrapped in extensive landscaping. Cherry trees surround the entrance. PEOPLE walk past. A silver town car idles by the kerb, back door open.

The campus looks more like an office park than something STEVE JOBS would oversee. That’s because the cluster of four story buildings was built in 1993 by JOHN SCULLEY after he sacked Jobs.

The executive suite was signed off by GIL AMELIO who took over from Sculley. When Jobs returned to Apple he had it demolished and moved into a smaller office on the fourth floor, overlooking the campus’ inner courtyard.

Teak benches line the wide walkway leading to the front glass doors. VISITORS are sitting on them. The glass doors open and Steve Jobs, 55, springs out. Wearing his trademark Issey Miyake black long-sleeved mock turtleneck, well worn Levi’s 501 classic cut blue jeans, New Balance 991 gray sneakers. He looks up through his round rimless Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses.

A smile cuts his short, gray white beard. He is thin, frail. But he still has that spring in his step. Pushing forward from the balls of his feet. Always pushing forward.

He smiles at some visitors as he heads to the waiting car. A family gathers near the metal sign on the sidewalk. FATHER, MOTHER, TWO YOUNG TEENAGE DAUGHTERS.

Jobs spots two small white flowers on the ground, withered.

Sir, excuse me, would you mind taking our photo?

Jobs turns around, a little startled to realize she’s addressing him. It’s as if she doesn’t know who he is.

She’s holding out her iPhone 4. Jobs looks at it, smiles.


He takes her iPhone and frames the shot. Tilts his head, backs up a few steps and reframes. Taps the screen to lock focus. His smile widens into a grin.


All their smiles widen too. Jobs snaps the shot. Checks it on screen, happy with the photo. He hands back her iPhone.

Thank you.

Jobs nods and steps into the back to the town car. He closes the door and the car drives off.

On the sidewalk, the family are admiring the photo.