“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” Scene 25

An ongoing daily series of scenes for a Steve Jobs biopic.

It’s a narrative experiment. It’s not going to follow a neat dramatic arc. It’s going to be a little episodic and random. Much like the subject matter.

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Sunshine is pouring into a typical Palo Alto backyard.

On the white timber deck, ALLEN BAUM, 20, nerdy, skinny with glasses is hunched over a set of pulleys and levers and fishing lines and what looks like a giant rolled up cotton sheet. Steve Wozniak, 22, is helping him. They’ve been working on this project for two weeks. It’s the prank to end all pranks.

Allen had tie-dyed the sheet in the green and white Homestead High School colors. His mother, Charlotte Baum, had helped them sketch the hand so it looked more lifelike and less like a cartoon. She snickered and smiled. She knew what it meant.

For some bizarre reason they started calling it the “Brazilian Best Wishes” sign. Wozniak is bolting a roller skate onto one end. Baum is shaking his head.

Steve Jobs, 17, opens the back door and steps out. His hair is lank, shoulder length.

Steve, you’re late.

Jobs takes out a small paperback book from his back pocket.

Have you read this? “Autobiography of a Yogi?” It’s by Paramahansa Yogananda. It’ll blow your mind.

You’re late.

It’ll change your life.

How come we’re doing all your work for you, Steve? This was your stupid idea?

Baum has been getting frustrated because the pulley system to reveal the sign is not working as expected. Wozniak has been busy reworking it.

You’ve got to chill out, Allen.

Baum storms off. Jobs calls out after him, holding the book up in the air.

Maybe try meditating.

Sounds of back door slamming shut.

Wozniak reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a schematic. And hands it to Jobs.

You should read this.

Jobs takes it, studies it.

What is it, Woz?

I’m pretty sure I can build it. I’ve gone over it a thousand times.

A computer? You really think you can build a computer?

Wozniak bites his lips, nods his head.