“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” Scene 51

An ongoing daily series of scenes for a Steve Jobs biopic.

It’s a narrative experiment. It’s not going to follow a neat dramatic arc. It’s going to be a little episodic and random. Much like the subject matter.

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Sun rises over the sloping grounds behind Jackling House, a 17,250 square foot Spanish colonial style mansion at 460 Mountain Home Road built for a copper baron in 1926. Steve Jobs had purchased it last year.

Sounds of high-pitched frantic shrieking tears through the air. It sounds like a woman screaming.

Through the mist of the adjoining property steps a glorious iridescent peacock, fully fanned, screaming into the morning.

A light goes on in the adjoining property. Front door slams and the neighbor trudges into Jobs’ rear lawn as the peacock scurries off. The neighbor is LARRY ELLISON, 40, wearing a kimono. Trim with a light beard.

Ellison bangs on the back door leading to the kitchen. Sounds of screaming peacock.

Light switches on in one of the fourteen upstairs bedrooms. Sounds of someone coming down many stairs.

Ellison is the founder of Oracle. Born to an unmarried teenager, adopted a year later by her aunt and uncle, and without a university degree, he’s grown Oracle into a database powerhouse. He’s working feverishly on the release of Oracle Version 5.

Back door opens to reveal a bleary eyed Steve Jobs, 29, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Jobs coughs.

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Larry Ellison, I’m your neighbor and, man, that peacock of yours, I hate that bird. I’m a programmer, I’ve got to sleep, I can’t be woken up by a bird.

You hate that bird too?

What’s wrong with it? Why is it so damn noisy?

Jobs shrugs.

Tina, my girlfriend, gave it to me for my birthday. Look, Larry — it’s Larry, right?

Ellison nods.

Larry, I’m going to tell her you complained so much about the bird that we’ve just got to get rid of it, but you’ve got to back me up.

I’ll back you up.

Jobs extends his hand.

Great, I’m Steve.

They shake hands, warmly.

So what are you working on?

Got to step up the software. Everyone’s going to be buying relational databases.

Jobs agrees.

You want some kombucha tea?

Ellison smiles.