Note: 5 world-class challenges


If you’re a CEO or CMO, it’s a wonder you get any sleep.

It’s a new world. How people consume, shop, share, interact, and experience our brands, governments and businesses, have all undergone large-scale disruption. This new post-digital landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and you’re struggling to deliver a connected experience across all communication channels.

There are a ton of issues and challenges keeping you up late at night. Here are the five biggest.

  1. Becoming experience-led - We have entered the experience era. For consumers, experiences are becoming more valuable - and more powerful - than products. The challenge is delivering on technological transparency, consistent voice and context, and knowing consumers. Today’s five-star experiences will be tomorrow’s one-star expectations.
  2. Conveying channel ubiquity - The proliferation of devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a world where customers are device - and channel - agnostic. The challenge is to figure out how to tackle delivering continuous, consistent, personal, and compelling experiences - from their mobile phones, to their cars to their smart TVs - without content or consumption being disrupted.
  3. Converging content and context - As new technologies and channels emerge - from virtual and augmented reality to IoT and gaming - contextually relevant content is fast becoming an expectation among consumers. And as smart TVs and mobile devices continue to evolve and potentially converge, the challenge is to rethink this shift in engagement and consumption of content.
  4. Connecting disconnected devices - The average consumer owns 7.2 devices but only uses three of them on a daily basis. The challenge is to graft and unify experiences across shifting platform and device patterns. 
  5. Establishing identity trust - The battle for identity is everywhere, infiltrating virtually every aspect of modern life. the marketing ecosystem. The challenge is finding the balance between privacy and convenience with consumers as commerce, payments, and other forms of identification converge.

In this new era, old models and silos are no longer effective. In fact, such old-fashioned thinking will soon be the death of you. Hey, you might not like change, but you’ll like irrelevance a whole lot less.

You’ll need to wrap yourself around the entire life cycle and blend the art of engagement, the power of technology, and the science of data to create digital ecosystems that connect at every touch point.

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