Note: Copywriters are inventors


Advertising seems so hamstrung as a word, an idea, an industry. Hamstrung? You know, crippled, lame, disabled, incapacitated.

It’s been busy following the ‘let’s buy up every up competitor we can and consolidate into some huge super group that will stump clients while producing dumb ads that need more and more media spend to generate any results’ model. Not exactly a winning formula.

Lots of creatives hate the word advertising because it’s become so bloody limiting, so short term so, er... uncreative.

We need to invent our way out of this mess. The executives aren’t going to help. Neither will the managers. It’s not in their skill set or their key performance indicators. Worse still, it’s not in their blood.

Innovation and novelty is what drives capitalism, what spurs growth. It’s what copywriters do without even trying.

Rob Reilly, co-chief creative officer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, pitches his shop as basically an invention lab.

‘We’re not an advertising agency anymore,’ he says. ‘We’re in the business of invention. Copywriters are inventors.’

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