Note: How to create more meaningful messaging


Put down the brief, walk away from the client’s office and try not to think about quarterly results.

Forget everything about self-serving metrics and data and research and strategy and comms and committees and planning and stakeholders and management and board members and wish lists and mandatories and legal and the rest of the day-to-day hoo-ha.

Go to where the people are. Study how they shop. Watch as they struggle to buy the right product. Click through the online search and purchase process. Wade into the website. Put yourself in their shoes and wallets.

Reimagine the messaging by flipping the script. Rather than creating the narrative and stories from the inside out (and hoping for the best), work from the outside in. The best way to reach people is to put their needs first.

Putting people’s needs first produces more meaningful ways to connect. 

It ensures greater significance and relevancy.

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