Note: Key attributes of purpose-driven enterprise


There are two kinds of enterprises in the world today.

Enterprises that convey the purpose and story of their brand, organization or product by telling that through PR or paid advertising.

And enterprises that consciously live and convey their purpose and story through direct action. These enterprises - whether a company, conglomerate or government - use their core purpose and story as an organizing principle for all their activities from the inside out. New product development, recruiting, compensation, partnerships, as well as any communications they create.

Purpose-driven enterprises spend fewer dollars on paid advertising, and the dollars they do spend work harder which makes them more efficient.

Purpose-driven enterprises have seven key attributes.

  1. They have a compelling purpose and story
  2. Their compelling purpose and story defines an ambition beyond commercial aspirations
  3. Their compelling purpose and story defines a clear enemy
  4. Their compelling purpose and story is being used to drive action throughout the enterprise
  5. They have defined a few iconic, transformative actions to focus on
  6. People outside the enterprise are engaging with and participating in the purpose and story
  7. They grow revenue at twice the standard rate 1, enjoy increased margins and healthier profits

Other commercial benefits include more positive social media presence and higher share price growth.

All sound and practical reasons to adopt a more purpose-driven focus for your enterprise.

Communicating your purpose and story is no longer enough. You have to live it or die.


1. StoryDoing Narrative Study and Analysis, 2014

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