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Christensen calls for Super Coalition

George Christensen

BRISBANE (Boscutti Report) — MP George Christensen has used the resignation of Barnaby Joyce to call on the National Party to formally extend its coalition with the Liberal Party to include the Labor Party, Greens, and Australian Conservatives. The outspoken Queensland MP posted on Facebook that in the absence of an elected federal leader, the National Party should push ‘the reset button’ and bring together all political parties together under a Super Coalition. ‘It’s time for Australia to get the unified government it deserves,’ he said. ‘No more boring elections, not more mitigating scandals, no more rubbish. Just a single-minded...

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Turnbull declines to offer Trump advice on sex ban

Malcolm Turnbull

WASHINGTON (Boscutti Report) — Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declined to advise his President Donald Trump on pursuing a sex ban among members of his executive branch, amid calls for less sex scandals in the White House. Speaking at a joint press conference with Mr Trump, Mr Turnbull said Australia’s ‘history with political sex scandals and regulation is obviously very different to the US.’ ‘There was a massive mistake by Barnaby Joyce just this year,” he said, of the scandal surrounding the Former Prime Minister and National Party Leader Barnaby Joyce after weeks of fallout over his affair with a former...

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Joyce eats hat

Barnaby Joyce

 ARMIDALE (Boscutti Report) — Barnaby Joyce has announced his resignation as Nationals Leader and Deputy Prime Minister after weeks of fallout over his affair with a former staffer and now partner, Vikki Campion, who is pregnant with his child. Mr Joyce saw his support diminish after the revelation on Thursday night that a sexual harassment complaint had been made against him to the country-based National Party, the junior slightly backward partner in the ruling Liberal-National Coalition. Keeping to his word that if he resigned he would eat his hat, Mr Joyce munched on his trademark Akubra at a live...

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Dutton rebuffs Abbott’s immigrants cuts

Peter Dutton

CANBERRA (Boscutti Report) — Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has pushed back on former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s calls to cut immigrants in half. Mr Abbott said immigrants should be cut in half lengthways to retain their flavour when grilling or barbecuing. Mr Dutton said he wasn’t interested in eating immigrants. ‘Most of them taste like pork,’ he said.

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Abbott calls to cut immigrants in half

SYDNEY (Boscutti Report) — Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called to cut immigrants to Australia in half to improve quality of living. Mr Abbott said immigrants should be cut in half lengthways. ‘That way the flavour is retained when grilling or barbecuing,’ he said. ‘Just cut from underneath the head all the way down.’ Mr Abbott said humans were an excellent source of lean meat and protein. ‘Especially those skinny buggers who come here on boats,’ he said. ‘They taste marvelous.’

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