Andrews blames Daily Mail for ‘African gang’ violence

Daniel Andrews

Boscutti Report - Andrews blames Daily Mail for ‘African gang’ violence

MELBOURNE (Boscutti Report) — Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has blamed the Daily Mail for inciting ‘African gang’ violence.

Mr Andrews said it was the perfect strategy to deflect any ministerial, government or police shortcomings.

‘Mate, I’m not blaming the ABC, Fairfax or News Corp,’ he said.

‘I’m blaming those English fuckwits at the Daily Mail because they can’t fucking retaliate. What are they going to do? Run a photo of me in my fucking bathers?’

A spokesperson said a hasty press conference was being arranged.

‘We’ll wheel out the Police Commissioner and a couple of darkies in those colorful shirts,’ he said.

‘It’ll look great.’

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