Christensen calls for Super Coalition

George Christensen

Stefano Boscutti - Christensen calls for Super Coalition

BRISBANE (Boscutti Report) — MP George Christensen has used the resignation of Barnaby Joyce to call on the National Party to formally extend its coalition with the Liberal Party to include the Labor Party, Greens, and Australian Conservatives.

The outspoken Queensland MP posted on Facebook that in the absence of an elected federal leader, the National Party should push ‘the reset button’ and bring together all political parties together under a Super Coalition.

‘It’s time for Australia to get the unified government it deserves,’ he said.

‘No more boring elections, not more mitigating scandals, no more rubbish. Just a single-minded government to uniformly serve Australia.’

Mr Christensen said China and Russia were perfect examples of what could be achieved in a single party state.

‘You have total control over the people and the market so the voters never spark up,’ he said.

’And you get to execute journalists who give you the shits.’

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