Di Natale rejects new Australian flag design

Richard Di Natale

Stefano Boscutti - Di Natale rejects new Australian flag design

MELBOURNE (Boscutti Report) — Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has hit back at a new design for the Australian flag that drops the Union Jack calling it ‘totally fucking stupid’.

Ausflag released a new flag design replacing the Union Jack with the Commonwealth Star and an enlarged Southern Cross, against a dark navy background.

A spokesman for Ausflag described the design as minimalist and “evolutionary”, celebrating egalitarianism over aristocracy, and independence over dominance.

Mr Di Natale said the new design looked like it was done by first-year graphic design students.

‘It’s totally fucking stupid,’ he said.

‘Why rely on blue as the background color? It just reinforces the hegemony of the right-wing ruling elite.’

Mr Di Natale said adding red to the design would reinforce Labor and left-wing factions.

‘Obviously, you just want a fucking green flag with a Southern Cross to one side,’ he said.

‘It’s not that fucking hard.’

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