Guy polishes Captain Cook statue

Matthew Guy

Boscutti Report - Guy polishes Captain Cook statue

MELBOURNE (Boscutti Report) — Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has polished a statue of Captain James Cook to honour Australia Day.

Federal Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge said Mr Guy’s efforts were to be ‘applauded’.

‘These people are celebrating our national heritage and a history of invasion, massacres and epic genocide,’

‘It’s something every Australia should be very proud of.’

Mr Guy polished the statue at St Kilda with a handful of members of the Young Liberal Movement, the youth wing of the Liberal Party of Australia.

A spokesman for the Young Liberal Movement said it was a ‘tremendous day’.

‘We danced around the statue, shouting hurrah, hurrah as the airforce jets flew overhead,’ he said.

‘We waved our tiny Australian flags in the air, drinking lashing of ginger beer and feeling quite marvelous.’

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