Guy vows to teach Victorian students ‘real Aussie values’

Matthew Guy

Boscutti Report - Guy vows to teach Victorian students ‘real Aussie values’

MELBOURNE (Boscutti Report) — Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy wants to overhaul the Victorian curriculum and instil Australian values in students if it wins the state election.

The Coalition has flagged ditching sustainability, Indigenous histories and Australia’s engagement with Asia in favour of teaching ‘real Aussie values’.

‘Whilst we agree with the importance of these topics so as not to give undecided voters cause for concern, we believe greater value would result from not having these bloody cross curriculum priorities which serve only to dilute the teaching of core competencies - racism, misogyny, and rampant patriotism,’ Mr Guy said.

Mr Guy said ‘hard and fast’ discipline needed to be reintroduced into the curriculum.

‘Also no more bloody soccer in State schools,’ he said.

‘It’s Aussie rules or nothing.’

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