Joyce declares midlife crisis gifts

Barnaby Joyce

Boscutti Report - Joyce declares midlife crisis gifts

ARMIDALE (Boscutti Report) — Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has declared numerous midlife crisis gifts in his pecuniary interest register.

The gifts include a free rental property in Armidale he is believed to be living in with his new partner, his former media adviser, Vikki Campion, with whom he is expecting a baby. The townhouse in Armidale is said to be provided free by local multi-millionaire businessman, Greg Maguire.

A local real estate spokesman said the townhouse was ‘absolutely outstanding.’

‘It’s equal to anything found in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast,’ he said.

‘It is, quite simply, the most superior residential project ever undertaken in Armidale with a lovely spa and built-in wardrobes.’

Other gifts declared by Mr Joyce include facial treatments, hair plugs, skinny jeans, hair braiding classes, salsa dance lessons, CrossFit gym membership and a Porsche Cayman.

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