Katter says Adani-linked airport smells like ‘shit’

Bob Katter

Boscutti Report - Katter says Adani-linked airport smells like ‘shit’

BRISBANE (Boscutti Report) — Outspoken Federal MP Bob ‘The Hat’ Katter has questioned why two Queensland councils are paying $34 million to build an airport to service an Adani coalmine, saying the deal stinks.

Townsville and Rockhampton councils announced they would spend $18.5 million and $15.5 million respectively on an airport, hundreds of kilometres away from either city, at the Carmichael coalmine, as part of a funding deal with Adani.

Mr Katter said the deal ‘stinks to high heaven’.

‘I didn’t believe the news item when I heard it, that ratepayers of Townsville were going to be building an airport 200 to 300 kilometres away for some foreign corporation run by darkies,’ he said. 

‘It’s a shit deal whichever way the wind blows.’

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