Morrison up for sale

Scott Morrison

Boscutti Report - Morrison up for sale

CANBERRA (Boscutti Report) — The Minerals Council of Australia has admitted it makes donations to political parties to buy politicians, an unusually candid statement from a donor about the influence of money in politics.

The mining lobby group's submission to a Senate committee examining the role of donations in Australia's political system contrasts with the explanations given by other lobby groups and businesses, which said their donations were intended to support democratic processes.

A spokesman for the Minerals Council of Australia said making donations was part of investing in the political infrastructure.

‘The MCA makes political contributions because they provide additional opportunities for the MCA to meet with members of parliament so they can do our bidding,’ he said.

‘It’s always good to have a politician or two in your back pocket.’

Treasurer Scott Morrison was unavailable for comment.

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