Shorten reviews Labor Party slogan

Bill Shorten

CANBERRA (Boscutti Report) — Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has realised the Labor Party’s ‘Putting People First’ slogan actually puts the word people second.

Mr Shorten said a team of external communications consultants had revealed such cognitive dissonance led to voter distrust.

‘Obviously we are not putting people first if we are putting them second in our slogan,’ he said.

‘It is important that this is fully reviewed and any changes are given full consideration after comprehensive research and analysis. We do not want to and should not want to rush into anything.’

A spokesman for the communications consultants said ‘oh come one, all you have to do is drop the first word’.

‘Just make it People First,’ he said. ‘Or better yet Australians First to play to heritage voters and old school Labor.’

‘Go for the high ground while simultaneously positioning the Liberal Party as putting Australians second.’

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