Turnbull backs Joyce over ‘fuck buddy’

Barnaby Joyce

Boscutti Report - Turnbull backs Joyce over ‘fuck buddy’

CANBERRA (Boscutti Report) — Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce over his girlfriend and former staff member Vikki Campion.

Mr Turnbull said there was no breach for Mr Joyce over Ms Campion’s various jobs as she 'wasn't technically his partner’.

‘At the time she was technically his fuck buddy,’ he said.

Ms Campion left Mr Joyce’s office last year to take a job with Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan and then with the party's whip Damian Drum.

Senior Nationals senator Nigel Scullion said the party tried to keep skilled female staff on hand.

‘We like passing them around the old blokes in the party,’ he said.

‘Helps keep us young.’

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