Turnbull declines to offer Trump advice on sex ban

Malcolm Turnbull

Stefano Boscutti - Turnbull declines to offer Trump advice on sex ban

WASHINGTON (Boscutti Report) — Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declined to advise his President Donald Trump on pursuing a sex ban among members of his executive branch, amid calls for less sex scandals in the White House.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Mr Trump, Mr Turnbull said Australia’s ‘history with political sex scandals and regulation is obviously very different to the US.’

‘There was a massive mistake by Barnaby Joyce just this year,” he said, of the scandal surrounding the Former Prime Minister and National Party Leader Barnaby Joyce after weeks of fallout over his affair with a former staffer and now partner, Vikki Campion, who is pregnant with his child.

‘The range of sexual outlets available to politicians in Australia who hold office are very, very limited.

‘But it is a completely different context, historically and legally and so forth. We are very satisfied with our laws, we maintain them - but we certainly don’t presume to provide policy or political advice on that matter here.’

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