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Turnbull pushes for minimum wage rise for CEOs

Malcolm Turnbull

Boscutti Report - Turnbull pushes for minimum wage rise for CEOs

CANBERRA (Boscutti Report) — Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has pushed for a minimum wage rise for working Australian CEOs.

Mr Turnbull said many CEOs in Australia were doing it tough.

“My economic advisers tell me that some CEOs are having to make do earning only a 100 times more than workers,’ he said.

‘This is resolutely unfair and, frankly, unAustralian,’ he said. ‘American CEOs enjoy earning around 270 times more than the average worker.’

Mr Turnbull said it was obvious Australian CEOs needed a minimum wage rise to ensure they earn at least 200 times more than workers.

‘It’s just economic common sense,’ he said.

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