Xenophon rewards whistleblowers with book deals

Nick Xenophon

Boscutti Report - Xenophon rewards whistleblowers with book deals

ADELAIDE (Boscutti Report) — SA Best Leader Nick Xenophon has unveiled a plan to compensate and reward whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing and misconduct in the public sector with publishing contracts.

Mr Xenophon believes doctors, nurses, police officers, public servants and actors should be able to secure a book deal where they can write openly about issues they believe are affecting South Australians.

‘Scandals like child abuse, chemotherapy underdosing and aged-care neglect, all make great reads,’ Mr. Xenophon said.

‘South Australian whistleblowers deserve publishing deals where they can retain the associated copyrights for movies, television series, documentaries, podcasts and audiobooks.’

The election pledge would allow state and local government employees and any contractors to speak openly in public, including to the media, without fear of losing their copyrights. If the whistleblowers were subject to reprisal, criminal and civil action could be brought against the perpetrators.

‘Over 130,000 state and local public servants will have their copyrights protected if they blow the whistle on wrongdoing and maladministration,’ Mr Xenophon said.

‘It’s just a pity none of them can act.’

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