3 reasons why you should hire me

If you like working directly with an independently minded creative writer and creative director who loves to save time and money, we should definitely talk.

  1. I question everything. I don’t have a neat system (despite every report from McKinsey & Co) that I can repeat for each client. Every solution is custom made.
  2. I’m independent. I have no agenda except your best interests. I have no media bias. I make no commission on the side. (I’m no fan of paying for traditional media.) I like making work that stands out on its own merits. I like creating new categories free of competition where you set the rules.
  3. I hate wasting time and resources. I hate throwing money at a problem. I love creating simple, universal solutions that in hindsight appear naturally self-evident. I like baking the strategy into the solution so it can work in any media. I love making work people want to share.

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