3 reasons why you shouldn’t hire me

If you like working with fawning account executives who push average work that needs more and more media spend to work, you definitely don’t want to hire me.

  1. Unless you’re an ad agency or design firm I already work with, chances are we’re not going to see eye to eye. You’re going to want ideas that are too clever by half or (so help me) puns. I’m much much more strategy and future focused. I’m not going to pimp your dead media so you can hit your quarterly numbers. Sorry.
  2. Happy to settle for average work? Formulaic work that ticks the boxes? Work that you need to cajole, trick, beg, plead, persuade people to share? Work that shreds people’s emotions? Work that wastes people time? I’m afraid I can’t help you.
  3. Want to hang on to the status quo for just a few more years to shore up your retirement fund? Want to play it safe? Hmmm, you’re not doing anyone any favors. Least of all yourself. If you want to be that former executive who pines for the good old days, I’m not there for you.

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