A website is a movie

Okay, are you sitting down?

For some of you (that would be the screenwriters in the crowd) this is going to sound, like, duh! For everyone else this is going to come as a bit of a shock.

That website you’re working on, stop thinking of it as a website. Stop thinking about user experience, usability, accessibility, blahblahblahbility. Forget ascenders, descenders, baselines, midlines, cap heights, x heights. Same goes for drop shadows, saturations, gradients, feathering. Park the kerning and leading.

Stop thinking of a website as a holdover of print production. A website is closer to television than print. It’s got everything to do with the screen and nothing to do with the page.

A website doesn’t compete with a brochure for attention. It competes with the latest Hollywood blockbuster that is now only a click away.

Look at how the movie industry works and apply that to web design.

Start with getting a screenwriter to write your next website.

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