Art makes us smarter

It’s not just us. Science says art makes for better thinkers (and nicer people).

Our business depends on providing you with enhanced creativity and innovations through insights, strategies and solutions expressed through new presentations, products and services that result in new profit streams. The more creative we are, the more profitable you will be.

One key way we seek and foster greater creativity is to go beyond the typical ideation business models. We don’t team up copywriters and art directors, we don’t double up designers, we don’t mimic newsrooms, we don’t brain storm.

Instead, we create transdisciplinary teams that exponentially increase the flow, breadth and depth of ideas. Many people in our teams are artists. Painters, poets, sculptures, musicians, screenwriters, dancers, novelists, directors.

Then we thrown in business ethicists, behavioral economists, anthropologists, psychologists, linguists and more.

Unexpected things happen when we combine different ways of thinking together. Exciting things.

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