Better design doesn’t mean more design

We love smart designers. We work with them every day and night (and sometimes on weekends).

Designers who design for design’s sake? Who like to be on trend? Who think it’s all about how something looks? We don’t work with those kind of designers.

We work with designers who understand design is how something works. Who don’t believe in design for design’s sake but rather design in the service of enriching lives.

Design should be intuitive, graceful, almost invisible. It shouldn’t call attention to itself. And it shouldn’t fight people’s expectations.

Julie Zhuo knows trying to force design on people is next to useless. Julie leads the design team focused on engagement and core experiences at Facebook.

When you design to enhance the behavior of hundreds of million of people daily, you know there’s more to design than look and feel.

Don’t stress people’s existing mental models. Don’t waste time reinventing common UI patterns or paradigms unless they deliver a story experience that’s at least twice as good.

Imagine being able to design, develop and deliver experiences that bring spontaneous joy to people. 

What if we reduce complexity by design? What if we heighten the flow state for every user?

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