Changing beliefs

The main problem with communications is believing the job is done merely by expressing something.

Most communications fail to be seen let alone register and create the behavior change being sought.

Take vaccinations. Government and health professionals think that by simply telling people to get vaccinated they will. As we see, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, people who like to follow rules will fall into line. But everyone else won’t. And the more that get vaccinated message is repeated, the more they won’t get vaccinated.

You need to change the strategy entirely. Don’t make it about getting vaccinated (which they don’t want to do). Make it about remaining unvaccinated (which they do want to do).

Explain that by remaining unvaccinated, they become the human petri dish where the coronavirus mutates and spreads.

By remaining unvaccinated, they’re breeding and exposing family, friends and strangers on the street to deadly new coronavirus variants. They’re disease mutators and carriers that will bring back lockdowns and quarantines.

It’s not about getting vaccinated. It’s about the dangers of remaining unvaccinated.

That’s the messaging that will change their beliefs.

Change beliefs and you change behaviors.

Change behaviors and you change actions.

Change actions and you change outcomes.

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