Copy that

You know how you’re told to write copy that addresses a problem and then extrapolates the product/service/brand as the solution?

Stop doing that. Stop trying to make sense with your copy. Stop trying to make reason and logic. Stop with the bullet points.

Same goes for technically accurate copy that’s big on rationality but steers clear of emotion.

You’re not writing code. A machine can write code. You’re writing copy to be read by a human being.

That means put the emotions first and the facts last. Don’t make the copy dry and boring. Make it personal and exciting. Use words to elicit the senses. Make your copy smell, sing, feel. Make it colorful. Flavorful.

Make readers see more than what’s literally on the page, across the screen. Make the words create meaning between the spaces and the lines.

Don’t make your copy read like everyone else’s.

Make your copy your own.

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