Engaging film techniques to boost football profits

Australia’s A-League has an image problem. Most audiences think the world game is slow and unexciting.

Who can blame them? Standard video production processes cheapen the game’s appeal and actively turn viewers off.

Using the same video and audio capture technology as other sports commoditises the sports viewing experience. Production companies using the same crews, same editors, same directors and same producers exacerbate this issue. Hardly surprising the resultant video and audio has no point of difference.

Sports video production in Australia fails to capture the excitement on the field, the drama of the game. It fails to develop and deliver an enthralling narrative arc.

This affords the A-League a unique opportunity to create more compelling television, video and web material more akin to a feature film. Riveting material that keeps viewers engrossed from beginning to end. Material that emotionally pays off a viewer’s commitment. And has them coming back for more.

It’s not limited to football but equally applicable for Australian Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Cycling, Tennis.

Giving audiences a more profound viewing experience will build audience numbers. This is critical as sports programming is rapidly becoming the single most important form of content for established television networks. Higher ratings will secure higher broadcasting fees for sports enterprises.

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