Every business is in the advertising business

You can fuck around with finance, operations, human resources and the rest of the departments of a modern corporation.

But whether you like it or not, you’re in the adverting business. You’re either buying advertising to sell your product, or you’re selling advertising to sell your audience.

If you want to make serious money and annoy your competitors, you do both. Amazon does this better than anyone else on earth.

In 2021, Amazon spent $16.9 billion on advertising and promotion. That’s a 55 percent increase on the previous year. It made Amazon the largest advertiser in the world.

And while $16.9 billion is a big number, Amazon managed to generate $31.2 billion in advertising revenue in 2021 from brands wanting to be seen in product listings and search results. That’s a 32 percent increase on the previous year

How are you approaching advertising this year?

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