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People over 60 control over 50 percent of the wealth in America yet appear in less than 1 percent of ads and commercials.

And even in that minuscule number of ads that featured people over 60, only 2 percent of them showed older people in settings actually doing something physical. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Older people are becoming more active, having more sex, and retiring later. Older members visit their gyms more frequently than younger members. Older people have and spend more money than younger people. They have far more assets and spending power.

Ageism is a bitch. Advertising (which should know a thing or two about demographics and where the money is) has an age problem. While a third of Americans are over 50, the number of them in the ad industry is embarrassingly low. There aren’t any in creative departments because it’s cheaper to hire juniors.

Apparently people over 50 aren’t creative enough to write a banner ad but more than creative enough to dominate in Nobels, Pulitzers, Oscars, and Emmys.

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