Google is now a surveillance engine

Your behavior is continually monitored and controlled by Google.

From its inception, Google knew it would require spying to create an effective and profitable business model.

In 2001 when the company was trying to determine its place in the world, co-founder Larry page stated that Google was in the personal information business.

Page knew that with increasing computing power and ever-cheaper computer memory, everything everyone did and everything everyone said everywhere was going to be indexable and searchable and sellable.

It was never about users searching Goole. It was always about Google searching users. It was the birth of surveillance capitalism and artificial intelligence.

Google commodified capitalism in a way that was unimaginable before the year 2000. In the past 20 years, the company has misdirected, confused and gaslighted citizens and lawmakers around the world.

It’s only in the past three or four years that the depth of their cultural, societal and legal atrocities has come to light.

Surveillance capitalism as practiced and honed by Google, social media and other technological platforms is now on a collision course with democracy.

Democracy is the only existing institutional order with the countervailing authority and requisite power to obstruct, contradict and outlaw surveillance capitalism.

Now more than ever this is something we must change if we ever regain control of our governments.

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