Hello jetlag

So there’s new surf park in sunny Melbourne.

It’s called Urbnsurf because dropping a vowel is a naming trend that just won’t go away.

It’s out by Melbourne airport on the outskirts of the city where giant mechanical wheels grind and twist and the wonders of marine engineering produce wave after perfect wave to your exact surfing specifications.

It sounds amazing until you visit the website and your hopes are dashed, your expectations fall flat.

Instead of a remarkable image and a remarkable headline, there’s a shot of people surfing (like, duh!) and a headline that reads ‘Welcome to Urbnsuf’.

It’s so generic I almost fell asleep when I first saw it. Given there are planeloads after planeloads of business class travellers driving past every day, juxtapose a remarkable image and a remarkable headline that will capture their imagination and credit cards.

A stunning shot of a smiling executive cutting through the top of a wave dressed in a suit and tie, and a headline that reads ‘Hello jetlag’.

You’re not selling surfing. You’re selling how surfing makes people feel.

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