How consistency helps make us more profitable

Consistency helps us become more profitable in three ways.

One, consistency saves us time and money because we don’t have to create a new message each time we want to communicate. We extend and build on what we already have communicated. This will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars on every communications project.

Two, consistency improves awareness thanks to the multiplier effect of repetition. People build relationships with our products and services through many small interactions (leaves) over time. Consistency builds connections and reach without upping our media spend. This will save us millions of dollars on media costs.

Three, consistency builds trust that people are willing to pay a premium for. Why do people pay $600 for an Apple iPhone when they can pick up a mobile phone for $60 from any supermarket? Because they trust the Apple iPhone will give them a better emotional experience that will make their lives’ better.

What emotional benefits do our products and services deliver? How do they make people’s lives better?

Answer those two questions and we can rule the world. All our troubles will be over.

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