How much are you spending on content?

Everyone is trying to gain everyone’s attention.

Every studio and every publisher and every brand is tussling and vying for attention. Netflix spends billions on content to wrest your attention from every other media whether it’s a book, a song or a streaming platform. Netflix’s real competition is sleep.

And probably Disney who will be lifting their content spend in 2022 to a whopping $33 billion. That’s around $90 million a day to pull attention from your website or app or startup or series or blog or whatever to their panoply of entertainment universes and galaxies and parallel dimensions.

Shows within shows within shows. All created by the world’s best creative talent with the singular goal of gaining, grabbing and holding the most attention.

Disney won’t be spending the $33 billion on the company’s linear television and film businesses. The $33 billion in 2022 is earmarked for expanding their reach on streaming through platforms like Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu.

The massive spending strategy underlines how Disney are approaching direct-to-consumer content as a high priority, expanding their investment in streaming with a sense of urgency.

They’re set to produce 60 unscripted series, 30 comedy series, 25 drama series, 15 docuseries, 15 limited series, 10 animated series, five made-for-TV movies, and numerous shorts and specials throughout 2022.

What content will you be producing?

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