How to be even more flipping creative

You know how people say everyone’s creative?

Well, that’s simply not true. Not everyone is creative. A lot of people are a lot less than creative. Some are a borderline creative. And only a handful are truly more creative.

True creative talent is a rare and precious thing. Ever wondered why there are so many shitty songs, and shitty television shows, and shitty films? Because it’s really fucking hard to do a good one.   

Our business depends on providing our clients with better, more profitable insights, strategies and solutions. That means better creative thinking. We take a better approach by teaming artists and writers, architects and poets with business ethicists, behavioral economists, psychologists, linguists and more. Our associates aren’t like other associates.

They’re all creative from the get go. (We have no account management, account supervisor or even management layers like you find in advertising agencies and design firms. You deal directly with a creative director who’s responsible for signing off on the team’s work.)

We mix, blend and flip our associates into transdisciplinary teams on a project-by-project basis. Over the years we’ve found that the best way to have better ideas is to keep shaking up the creatives.

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