How to turn visitors into users

Every enterprise is struggling to produce a website that converts more visitors into users.

Here’s a dozen ways to help you convert more visitors.

1. Your story counts. You’re walking social proof. Your transformation proves you can transform someone else. Write your website as if trying to inspire your younger self.

2. Follow story form. Your website needs a beginning, middle, and end. Best to follow a screenwriting three-act structure with an inciting incident, overarching goal, interim goal, midpoint reversal, climax. Make the user the hero. 

3. Talk straight to users. Ditch ‘we offer’ or ‘we solve’ or ‘our solution.’ Copy like this focuses on your company and what you do. (No one cares what you and your company can do. People only care what you and your company can do for them. Focus your copy on the visitor.) Start your sentences with ‘you’ or a verb to directly talk to them.

4. One idea. Your website should focus on selling one idea. The rest of your headlines and copy should support this one idea and one goal. (Not an extra idea, not bullet points of ideas.) The more claims you make, the more confusion you create.

5. Headlines carry meaning. People scan websites. And when they scan, 80 percent will only read the headlines. Make your headlines persuade them to take action. Make them say what you solve, what you do and what result you produce.

6. Eliminate confusion. Your website copy must eliminate doubt and confusion. If you confuse, you lose. Be clear, concise, and obsess over clarity. Tell users how your product helps them, how their lives will be better. Leave no room for confusion to sow doubt or distrust.

7. Let users visualize their own transformation - Share the journey, progress, and metamorphosis of others so potential users can imagine themselves changing. If others did it, so can they. It’s their turn.

8. Use numbers to back claims. Let the numbers do the talking. It’s far more compelling and believable to say, ‘95% of Australians love ...’ than ‘Most Australians love ...’

9. Repeat keywords. Talk to your users, interview them, survey them, get to know them better. List the keywords they mention, especially the keywords they repeat. Take those keywords and inject them into your copy. This will direct your words towards your ideal user. You’ll be speaking the same language.

10. Sell the outcome. Your products make the outcome possible for users. Your copy convinces users how your product helps potential users create that outcome.

11. Inject social proof. Social proof is a physiological phenomenon. People want to be other people. They want to do what others do. And believe what others have accomplished. Showcase great outcomes becoming a reality by people your potential users aspire to be.

12. Add texture. Adding texture to your copy makes it feel more conversational, more accessible. Use a short sentence. Then another. And then write a long and winding sentence that takes them on a journey with words that skip and dance like a melody.

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