Instinctive design

When our ego gets in the way of our work we create products and services that call attention to themselves.

They look clever and cute. They often win awards and accolades because of their cleverness and self-reflective qualities. A smart twist, a visual pun, a play on colors.

Arresting and striking design bears the imprint of the creator. It’s often stylish to look at but impractical or perplexing to use.

Create products and services that meet behavior. Don’t force people to change their behavior. Don’t force anything.

Recognize the behavior you’re modeling and design accordingly. Design into the fold, into the behavior. Design so your products and services dissolve into action.

Eliminate your ego from the design process. Don’t resist people’s expectations. Welcome them.

Make the design disappear into itself.

Make the design subconscious.

Make the design instinctive.

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