JetBlue and communications consistency

It’s not just about using the same fonts and colors. It goes deeper than that.

JetBlue has a consistent user experience across all their media. The visual design, language design and tone of voice are persistent, and people can complete most tasks, such as booking a flight, checking in to a flight, and choosing a seat, from a variety of media.

JetBlue’s website has a playful visual design and tone of voice and provides easy access to common tasks. After a flight has been booked, the confirmation-email’s look and feel and its tone of voice are consistent with the website. Easy links to common tasks, such as checking in, choosing a seat, and getting information about checked bags and carry-ons, are available within the email.

Step into the airport and the look and feel of the JetBlue kiosks is consistent. As in the language and voice in the copy on the screen.

That look and feel and language and voice carry onto the aircraft and down to the seat.

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