Just story it

Your story needs an antagonist.

Put simply, if your story doesn’t have an antagonist it’s not a real story. It’s just a bit of fluff. A waste of time.

“Little Red Riding Hood” without the lurking, hungry wolf is at best a boring anecdote about a little girl flitting through a forest and at worst a missed opportunity. “Star Wars” without Darth Vader means no wars, no danger, and hence no interest.

An antagonist, an opposing force, an adversary, an enemy is necessary to generate conflict. Without conflict, you don’t have a story. At its most elemental, a story is status quo, conflict, and resolution.

Dan Wieden amazingly managed to squeeze a story into the ‘Just Do It’ slogan he penned for Nike back in 1988. The would-be buyer is the hero, the protagonist who wants to be athletic. The antagonist is laziness and alluded to without having to be spelled out.

There’s nothing better than a presumptive antagonist.

It’s built into the call to action.

Built into the transformation.

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