Let’s kill all account planners

Advertising account planners were supposed to help creatives produce better, more effective work. Better ads and commercials that better address what consumers really want.

The promise was planners would be able to produce a singular insight from reams and reams of consumer research that would be the key to unlocking amazing on-point creative from creative directors, art directors and copywriters across the land.

What the fuck happened? When was the last time you came across any ad or commercial with a revelatory insight? For that matter, when was the last time you came across an ad that wasn’t complete crap. An utter waste of everyone’s time.

Poring over stacks of research (or better yet having open conversations with consumers) to unearth gems of understanding was what good creative teams did as part of their job.

Good creatives are inspiring by nature, passionate to produce amazing work. They’re intuitive and curious about consumers and relationships.

Account planners just get in the way. Another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy that dulls creativity and communications.

It’s time to ditch account planners once and for all.

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