Let them thrive

Seems the whole notion of paying people to do a job just isn’t enough anymore.

Atlassian surveyed 6,000 employees about the future of work. Expectations have changed forever.

If you want more from your employees, you’re going to have to offer more than a paycheck and an illusory gold watch.

You’re going to have to keep these four key takeouts in mind (and heart).

Real flexibility

There’s a massive disconnect between what employees want and what employers are providing.

Flexibility is essential if you want to hang on to your best people and continue attracting top talent. 40 percent of knowledge workers are willing to switch employers if it means they’ll have the option to work from home.

When you allow people to be highly productive by working from home, you eliminate layers of unnecessary middle management. More work gets done faster. With less friction.

Share values

Hire employees who share your values.

Don’t indoctrinate or train or whatever. 49 percent of employees would quit their jobs if it became clear their employer’s values did not align with their own.

Don’t look for skills. Seek out values that match your own. This makes it all the easier to innovate, pivot, change course on a dime.

When hiring, ask behavioral questions to assess how a candidate’s mindset aligns with your core values.

Optimize onboarding

Optimize your onboarding process for remote workers

Leveling up your onboarding is critical, especially in cases where teams are in remote-only or hybrid mode.

Half of Atlassian’s 7,000+ employees joined the company during the pandemic. That’s over 3,500 Atlassians who have never stepped foot into one of their corporate offices or met their teams face-to-face.

Develop a 90-day plan for onboarding new hires that’s optimized for remote workers.

You want an engaged workforce and an adaptable, sustainable business. Let people step up to take control of their workweek. Stop helicopter-parenting them. Stop infantilizing them.

Let them grow so they can grow your whole business.

Let them thrive so your business can thrive.

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