Luke Skywalker

Most brands want to do the right thing.

They want to make a website that’s remarkable, genuinely helpful and something people want to share.

But somewhere along the process, it all goes horribly wrong. They thought if they followed the UX designers to the letter and made the call to action button the right color, everything would turn out right.

Personas, user flows, experience maps, user cases, storyboards, competitive analysis, moodboards, sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, sitemaps, testing, usability reports, analysis reports, style guides. And while everything may technically work, something is fundamentally wrong.

It’s a common problem. They think they should make the website all about the brand instead of all about the user.

They make the brand the hero at the expense of the user. To capture and hold attention, the user needs to be the hero. The user needs to be the key character of the story, the core of the story around which every other character revolves.

The user is the impulsive hero Luke Skywalker. While the brand is the wise mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And the main competitor? Why that’s the menacing villain Darth Vader.

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