Mental availability

The point of communications is not to make a point.

The core task for all communications is to build and refresh memory structures that improve the chance of a brand being recalled first in decision-making and buying situations.

This in turn increases the chance of a brand being bought, in large part due to the availability bias, explored in the work of Kahneman and Taversky in the 1960s and 70s.

Whichever brand has the most mental availability wins. (Targeting within a category limits metal availability. So it becomes a self-defeating exercise for brands but great for agencies who can keep slicing the pie ever thinner at ever-higher fees.)

How does a brand carve out mental availability in people’s minds? Create a compelling expectation with salience and consistent, memorable messaging to build category relevance.

Every time you introduce a new inconsistent message, you break and disconnect memory structures.

You break mental availability.

You lose.

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