More than words?

When we write, we do more than emotionalise syntax to drive behavior.

We write in the broadest sense possible by questioning every aspect to boost engagement, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Here are just a few questions we ask.

- What universal human need does the project address?

- Are there usability issues?

- Is it thematically relevant?

- Does the copy present well?

- Is the navigation cluttered?

- Are there too many superfluous images?

- Is the main idea concise?

- Does the copy scan easily?

- Is the copy precise, relevant, and high quality?

- Does the photography suck?

- Can the lines of copy be any shorter?

- Has the copy been edited thoughtfully?

- Does the copy increase comprehension?

- Can unnecessary images be removed?

- Is the navigation helpful?

- Does the design add to the experience?

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