Move people

In communications, your job is to first get noticed and then move pople.

Your job is not to agree to what everyone says in the meeting. Your job is not to produce bland, dull communications that nobody sees let alone acts on. Your job is not to be polite.

Getting noticed requires a certain impoliteness. While that doesn’t mean you have to be rude, it does mean you have to unsettle the status quo. You have to rattle expectations.

How do you do that? With the power of startling ideas, images and words. Not processed words and stock photos. Not social media rules around type size and length. Not dumb assertions about the need for a call to action. (Seriously, the entire communication should be a call to action.)

Forget the data science. Burn the bullet points. Take all the algorithmic advice from the media buyers and flush it down the toilet.

Looking for human connections. Look for the words and phrases and poetry that connect people across time and space.

That’s how you get noticed.

That’s how you move people.

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