Nobody Is Making Content Worth Reading

Have you noticed how most corporate content is so badly written that it’s practically worthless.

Have you looked at the number of white papers out there lately? And how they all suck? At the collateral? At the websites? At the press releases and the fatuous corporate blogs?

Francine Hardaway has asked herself how she can improve business writing. Can she help more by writing for them, or by teaching them how to write themselves?

Teaching them how to write themselves is good in theory. But most people’s ability to write is more or less fixed by the amount they read as children and the amount of encouragement they received in elementary school.

You can tell by the volume of jargon, bullshit, unclear writing, and all the ways people obfuscate rather than clarify. It’s not getting any better. It’s getting worse.

Everyone seems to be going for quantity over quality. Which is a pity because the words are the most important element of any communications. They’re the language of your company.

The voice of your brand.

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