Nobody reads anymore

It’s a refrain you hear everywhere in the media.

You know, the one that declares as fact that nobody reads anymore.

You hear it all the time in advertising agencies, design studios and communication firms. And digital shops where its an axiom built into the deliverables. Especially between account executives and management types who don’t know how to write. Even clients follow suit.

Of course, the premise that nobody reads anymore is not remotely true. You’re reading this, you’re reading that. You’re reading a hundred emails, text messages, news stories, industry reports and commercial messages every hour of every working day.

Which lately has been every day of every week. You’ve never read so much in your entire life. That goes for everybody.

What nobody reads anymore is badly written shit that doesn’t capture their attention or imagination. (With so much to read, nobody can waste any time reading anything that’s badly written.

Nobody reads dull, inoffensive, poorly thought-out writing. Nobody reads half-assed dipshit writing. Which accounts for so much writing these days as to be ridiculous.

So much of what’s supposed to be communications - advertising, websites, socials, apps and the rest of it - is just nonsense. It’s a waste of time and space. A waste of energy.

Why? Because finding a good writer is hard. If you get lucky and find one, hire them. Keep them close. They’re the best investment you’ll ever make.

A good writer has the power to simplify complicated thoughts and strategies. Distilling ideas that live rent-free in people’s brains.

Not thoughtless banalities. Not empty platitudes.

But good writing that everybody reads.

And remembers.

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