You see him at the liquor store.

You see him at the bus stop, trying to look at you without being seen. Who is he? He is a person.

In Sam Pink’s debut novel “Person,” a person walks around Chicago contemplating the possibility of starving to death on purpose. He has sex with his neighbor. He goes out to look for a job but just buys little plastic dogs from homeless people instead. 

Who is the person? The person is you. 


‘Hilarious and gritty. The book is short. The sentences are really short. The entertainment is constant. Definitely something to read.’ Chem Davi

‘The plain truth is that this is a really, really good book.’ Jason Armstrong

‘It made me laugh and my hair stand on end.’ Stephen Tully Dierks

ISBN 9781936383184 / 90 pages / 80 minutes of everyday reading pleasure

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