Reach out, touch faith

It’s not about technology.

It’s about creating value and then reaching out to make long-lasting connections with people.

Not starting at zero every time you launch a new product or service. Not spinning publicity. Why not? Publicity is constantly running around trying to drum up interest in something. Publicity is hard, getting harder and has a rapid rate of diminishing returns.

Permission is what you want to build. With permission, once you have a connection with someone, you can continue to communicate with them long into the future. Not hustling, not selling. Helping.

To get people’s attention and drive action you need to build an email list. Yes, a boring old-fashioned email list. (It’s the only algorithm-proof way to establish a direct relationship with your audience.)

Of all the tools and platforms out there that allow people to connect with you - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Podcasts, Blogs, YouTube, etc - there is only one that has the greatest effect on getting people’s attention and driving action. And that’s email.

Email (for all its flaws) is also the most reliable and cost-effective way to gain and hold people’s attention, and drive action.

Let’s say someone hears about your brand on a podcast. How reliably can you get their attention again in the future? Not at all unless you can get your brand back on the podcast.

But if a listener joins your email list you’ll be able to connect with them tomorrow, next week, next month, whenever and as often as you like. You’ve got their attention forever.

It’s not about figuring out the perfect time of day to post on Twitter or the right word count for your next blog post. Or the best icon for your Instagram page.

Produce helpful material, reach out in helpful ways and gain permission to keep helping people.

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